Quelmar's first published book, written by the community, for the community. Put Quelmar on your shelf!
Spring 2023
James Ruth, Kevin Honz, Jeff Buterbaugh, and more...
10 Years of Storytelling, curated and collected in one easy to read hardcover book.

The Curated Chronicles of Quelmar
is the Quelmar Community's first published book of history, lore, and all of the fantastical Quelmar quirks that our storytellers, aka you and your friends, have built.

Written History, at Last!
Quelmar's timelines have been a key part of what helps the Realm remain compatible and flexible enough to tell stories in all manners of genres and styles. One of the biggest questions Game Masters continue to come back to is: "When do I set this adventure?"

The Curated Chronicles of Quelmar promises to give a comprehensive look at all of Quelmar's Eras to help you figure out when to set your story, and to get enough content of the wars and events in that era that in turn may shape your storytelling.

And if that's not enough, a "Find-A-Year Flowchart" chapter promises to walk you exactly through picking out your time.

Community Commissioned Art
In the months leading up to the book's release, Quelmar will be commissioning its finest and most talented artists to fill its pages with drawings, maps, photos, and other eye candy, marking Quelmar's first community-wide commissioning project. The map of Isonhound above represents a small taste of what to expect inside. Don't worry though, most work will find it's way to the wiki eventually, so that everyone can enjoy the fruits of the community's artistic labors.

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