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Who we are

The Quelmar Realm is a 501(c)3 certified non-profit organization and charity founded on the power of play. We help build strong local communities with no barriers to entry, and offer opportunities to forge life long connections with through tabletop storytelling.

Quelmar has helped communities made up of creatives from all walks of life. We have actors, scientists, authors, artists, and people of all backgrounds, creeds, and lifestyles.

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What we do

We're not matchmakers, we're team-builders. Sometimes you're just dying to play that campaign, or you need a partner for a co-op video game adventure, or maybe you've had a story in the works for months and still haven't found the right people to test it with. In the Quelmar Community, you'll get what you need.

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About Us

Pillars of the Community

Community Campaigns

Quelmar works with local gaming stores near its community chapters, providing game masters, materials, and expertise to run campaigns that help encourage new faces to come to the table and experience games and systems they may not have otherwise gotten to play.

Of Quelmar's 200+ community members, over 2/3rd of them can trace their beginnings to a Community Campaign.

A Shared World of Stories

While the Quelmar Community is a great place to get Mario Kart groups together, or play through something as common as The Curse of Strahd, Quelmar is built on a pillar of shared continuity.
The Quelmar Wiki is a community database of world lore, history, and stories shared from all corners of the community, like a Marvel Cinematic Universe, but for YOU and your Friends!

Online Spaces for Bonding

After COVID-19 locked down gaming spaces around the world, Quelmar stumbled onto the masses of displaced players on the internet who were looking for tables and playtime. Even though our in-person gaming has resumed around the country, we've stayed connected to our online friends, and continue to provide experiences that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through Discord and Twitch.

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