About Us
About Us
We’re a group of creatives who built a world to change how you game.

The Quelmar Realm began on the page and in a basement like many other worlds in 2013. Since then, dozens of creative and passionate players, gamemasters, and gamers have told never-ending stories together, piecing together bits of the world and its history, enjoyed an unprecedented freedom to invent and explore in a shared and canonical universe.

From D&D, the community exploded into all other manner of storytelling. Now we encompass LARPs, Video Games, and other TTRPGs that aren't D&D. In the last year we've seen campaigns of Deadlands, MonsterHearts, Magitech Space Western, GUMSHOE, Cthulhu, and more!

Now going on 3 converntions, 37 campaigns, 100s of hours of online content, and uncountable one-shots, Quelmar has brought together like minded and heroic individuals from around the all over the world to find new friends and make new connections.

And we want to make a connection with you. We’ve got channels on Discord, Twitch, YouTube, and more! It’s never been easier to jump right in to the Quelmar Family.

What we Do

Quelmar Services

If nothing else, Quelmar will always provide hungry players looking to join the next LAN party, TTRPG Campaign, or movie night.
Got the players but need the story teller? Quelmar's many GMs are always looking to line up their next project, whether in-person or online.
Twitch Channel
Want to put your next adventure in front of an audience? With 500 followers and growing on Twitch, our channel is yours!
Quelmar chapters in MD and PA offer a number of special occasions to gather and celebrate. See the projects page for more info.
Developing a new game? Or want to get word of your kickstarter spread? The Quelmar Community loves new works and offers Q&A and feedback sessions as well.
Special channels put you in touch with other story tellers and worldbuilders. Whether you're writing a book or a campaign, we've got decades of free experience to draw on.
Mission Statement

The Quelmar Realm has worked for the past decade to help encourage safe spaces for creativity to grow in the form of games (primarily Tabletop RPGs).

We are bridge builders. Quelmar works with local gaming stores in PA, as well as gaming communities in other states, to ensure that no one ever has to feel like they don’t belong. 

We are promoters. We use our resources to encourage the creation and playtesting of new games and platforms, as well as spread via word-of-mouth the existence of games and stories that need the visibility. 

We are innovators, and we explore new and creative ways to expand on gaming, creating intersections of theater, film, and literature that ultimately heighten the experience, and allow everyone to create together. 

We promote our community members, and let them use Quelmar as springboards for their own projects or creative work(graphic design, written stories, etc.)

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Today is the day to claim a seat at your first Quelmar event. We have ongoing adventures online and in-person in select areas.
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