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Lending Library Terms of Use:

By borrowing from the Quelmar Lending Library, I agree that I will clearly outline my estimated time period of borrowing in my Request Form, and will promptly return any materials and resources to the Lending Library at the end of that time period to the best of my ability. In return, the Lending Library team will do their best to promptly deliver the materials to me at the beginning of said time period, and work with me to return the materials.I also understand that every effort will be made to make this borrowing free-of-charge to me, but exceptions may be made in the case of materials that are heavy, bulky, or otherwise difficult to transport.

I understand that it is highly suggested that I make my requests at least one week prior to the start of my requested time period. Requests may be made on shorter notice, and the Library will attempt to fulfill such requests but cannot guarantee they will be fulfilled by the exact requested date.
I understand that the maximum time period for a borrowing agreement involving physical materials/resources is two months in most cases.
I also understand that if I am participating in live-streamed play that inherently has less flexibility in scheduling (on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, or a podcast), I can request a time period of up to four months.

The time period for borrowing of software or other virtual materials/resources will be handled on a case-by-case basis, depending on the respective capabilities of multi-user use.

I understand that I may renew an agreement to borrow material/resources, which can extend the original agreed-upon time period. However, I understand that this may not be possible if someone else wishes to borrow the same material/resources directly after my original agreement expires. Any renewal request must be made at least 48 hours before the expiration of the time period.
I also understand that the maximum time period including renewals, with the assumption that no one requests the same materials/resources during this period, is twelve months from the original start date of the borrowing agreement. At this point, said materials/resources must return to the Lending Library for a minimum of two months before I can request them again.

I understand that I will receive reminder emails containing details of the return process prior to the expiration of my agreed-upon borrowing time period. If I fail to return borrowed materials/resources promptly when expected, I may be subject to penalties as detailed below.

1st Offense: Warning.
2nd Offense: Minor fee and/or second warning.
3rd Offense: Temporary suspension of Library Card privileges.
4th Offense: Revocation of Library Card privileges.

The current Lending Librarian may allow for extenuating circumstances at their discretion. If I know there is or will be an issue with prompt returning of borrowed materials/resources, I am heavily encouraged to reach out to the Lending Librarian to discuss my situation.

I understand that I will not be held liable for potential wear and tear of borrowed materials through normal use.
I will be responsible for loss or damage that renders said materials/resources impaired or unusable, even by accident. This does not apply to intentionally expendable materials such as pencils, erasers, etc. Final evaluation of item condition is left to the discretion of the Lending Library team.  Said responsibility for damaged materials may include partial or total financial compensation, or direct replacement at cost. Extra fees will not be charged at any point for replacement or repair beyond direct cost, except in the case of possible fees incurred by late returning, as mentioned above. Final evaluation of responsibility for financial compensation or material replacement is at the discretion of the current Lending Librarian. In the case of potential significant damage or destruction of borrowed materials, I am strongly encouraged to reach out to the current Lending Librarian to discuss my situation.

Finally, I understand that the Quelmar Lending Library is intended to be a shared community resource that improves access to TTRPG and storytelling materials to many people. It is not meant to be used as unconditional, permanent personal access to any singular resource/material for any one person. I understand that this is the primary reasoning behind Quelmar Lending Library policies regarding time periods of borrowing, as well as liability for damage and destruction.

This is meant to be free!
I'll give things back when I said I would.
I can renew my agreement to give things back a little later.
I might have to pay repair/replacement costs if I commit a party foul and break a thing.
- I'll be cool about using the Lending Library since it's for everyone to use.